During the evolving situation with coronavirus, Mother Tongue is operating as usual.

Our whole team are working remotely, and can be contacted via the usual channels. For new business enquiries, please email hello@mothertongue.com or use the contact form.

See it from their perspective

You’ve got big plans for your brand. But before you take them global, you want to know how they’ll go down in other countries. So we offer a range of consulting services, delivered by a worldwide network of creatives and strategists on the ground.

We’ll be your local guides

With our cultural consultation, we can look at everything from the potential pitfalls in transcreating copy, to whether a visual or font will have the desired impact in the target market, and even offer a concise analysis of local brand perceptions and competitors.

Making a name for your brand 

Our naming audit service checks that your proposed brand or product names are not already in use, and that they won’t cause offence or confusion. 

We advise on whether they will resonate locally and exactly what message they will send. We consider the competitive landscape in different parts of the world, how other brands are positioned, and what the latest trends in naming are.

Stand out in search, wherever you are 

We also offer an effective multilingual SEO solution. By developing culturally relevant keywords market by market, we ensure better organic search rankings than you could achieve with standard translation. And we’re similarly skilled in localizing PPC campaigns.